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Vanessa Serrani Wedding Planner is a passionate and professional team of wedding planners based in Barcelona, specializing in customised and unforgettable destination weddings and multi-day celebrations for international couples who want to experience the magic of the Mediterranean.

Our mission is to realize the dreams of all those couples who seek a flawless wedding day surrounded by family and friends, celebrating their love in style. Our couples aspire to have a memorable experience in a romantic setting, immersed in the vibrant Spanish atmosphere.



vanessa serrani wedding planner organización decoración bodas pink logo divider butterfly

At Vanessa Serrani Wedding Planner we believe your wedding day should reflect your unique love story and personal style. That's why we closely collaborate with you to understand your ideas, desires, preferences, and budget, and then, we handle every detail, ensuring that your dream wedding becomes a beautiful reality.

We also want you and your guests to fully appreciate the beauty and culture of Barcelona, creating memories that last far beyond your wedding day.

That's why we offer a range of pre- and post-wedding events to complement your celebration. Picture a chic rooftop terrace welcome party, where guests sip cocktails against the backdrop of Barcelona's stunning skyline, or perhaps a laid-back beach BBQ to bid farewell to loved ones as the sun sets over the Mediterranean. These events are more than just gatherings; they're opportunities to connect, laugh, and create lasting memories with those closest to you.

Your wedding celebration is not just an event but an unforgettable experience.


vanessa serrani wedding planner organización decoración bodas pink logo divider butterfly

We excel in curating extraordinary celebrations for couples living abroad, seamlessly weaving together diverse cultures, traditions, and stories to create a harmonious symphony of love. From traditional Catholic ceremonies to the vibrant and colourful Indian weddings, from the sacred and joyous customs of Jewish unions to the timeless grace of Persian ceremonies, and even the mystical allure of Celtic rituals – we have orchestrated them all. Our versatility extends beyond religious boundaries, encompassing civil weddings, and every conceivable celebration of love. Each celebration we organize is a testament to the richness of cultural diversity and tradition, and we take great pride in infusing every event with a touch of Spanish charm.

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vanessa serrani wedding planner organización decoración bodas pink logo divider butterfly
vanessa serrani weddingplanner in barcelona destination wedding romantic dinner on the beach

At Vanessa Serrani Wedding Planner, your guests hold a special place in our hearts, and we're dedicated to ensuring they feel warmly welcomed and indulged throughout their stay.

Get ready to amaze your guests with a destination wedding that will exceed all their expectations. Not only will they be enchanted by the breathtaking setting, but they will also be completely immersed in the lively Spanish culture. We can carefully plan a range of activities from exploring Barcelona's vibrant streets on a daily trip to indulging in the finest cava at local canteens and embarking on a picturesque boat trip. Your wedding will undoubtedly exceed all expectations, engraving in the memories of your loved ones a tapestry of cherished moments that will be recounted with joy for years to come.


vanessa serrani wedding planner organización decoración bodas pink logo divider butterfly

Whether you want a romantic wedding on the beach, a rustic wedding in the countryside, a fairytale wedding in a castle or a glamorous wedding in the city, with years of experience and a trusted network of partners, we can make it a reality.

Let us be the architects of your extraordinary moments, and together, we'll embark on a journey to create a wedding that is as unique and beautiful as your love story.




vanessa serrani wedding planner organización decoración bodas pink logo divider butterfly
  • Choosing Vanessa as our wedding planner has been the best choice I have made after say YES to my now-husband! At first, I thought that a wedding planner was not that necessary because I am organised and have time, but I have been quickly realising that the perfect wedding that we had, was only possible because we had a wedding planner. And I quickly understood that Vanessa is no ordinary wedding planner; she is truly special! Not only she is super organised (I loved her Excel Files!), always punctual, precise, but she also knows a huge list of suppliers for all your tastes, and she is kind and understanding - even in the most stressing moments. A real and talented wedding planner - like Vanessa - is not only about making you choose between 2 colours of things, but she also needs to negotiate prices with suppliers, keeping cool and finding solutions when problems arise (and there are always problems in a wedding preparation with some suppliers). Vanessa managed to do all this perfectly and with smile! I only mention this: Vanessa has been thanked in 3 of our family/international friends' speeches in front of all our guests, who all appreciated her work, dedication and talent. Thank you for everything Vanessa!

    Linda-Margherita THIMM Avatar Linda-Margherita THIMM
  • Vanessa planned our wedding and I loved everything on it. She listened to everything I said about the decoration, flowers, music, etc. Also she found the best providers in Barcelona. She is great in what she does. I think so far it is the best wedding I have ever been. It was very important to have Vanessa as our wedding planner because, she could help us out to materialize ideas and good taste. Thank you Vanessa!

    Ismael Gabaldon Avatar Ismael Gabaldon
  • Vanessa fue la wedding planner de la boda de mi hermana, y desde el primer minuto se volcó al 100% en la organización, búsqueda de ideas, de locación, colaboró en todo, cada vez que teníamos alguna duda o algún problema nos ayudo, estuvo atenta a todos los detalles, y finalmente durante el gran día se ocupó de todo, el resultado final majestuosos, nunca lo hubiese imaginado, la calidad, la calidez, la estética, todo. Realmente si quieres una boda de ensueño Vanessa es la mujer perfecta ❤️❤️❤️

    Viggo Karoline Avatar Viggo Karoline
  • Estupenda organización y muy buena profesional! Muchas gracias.

    Sergio Moreno Marí Avatar Sergio Moreno Marí
  • Nuestra boda fue un sueño hecho realidad! Creo que en mi vida me habia imaginado que mi boda podria ser tan hermosa y de "cuento de hadas". Elegir a Vanessa como nuestra wedding planner fue una de las mejores desiciones que pudimos tomar! Todo empezo por una video llamada, ya que nosotros no vivimos en España, y desde el primer momento la sentimos super profesional y cercana. Era como hablar con una amiga! Le contamos a Vanessa como queriamos el lugar, la decoracion , el ambiente, presupuesto, etc. Nosotros somos venezolanos y vivimos en Inglaterra, la boda fue en España, por lo tanto hubo una mezcla de culturas y del desarrollo del evento en donde incluimos cosas venezolanas pero a la vez nos adaptamos tambien a cosas españolas. Planificamos todo en plena pandemia...y realmente todo salio como queriamos o incluso mejor! Vanessa es detallista, profesional, organizada, comunicativa, sabe escuchar, resolver problemas de ultimo momento y lo da todo para que sus eventos salgan lo mejor posible! De verdad estamos super felices con el resultado y agradecidos por su trabajo! Our wedding was a dream come true! I think in my life I had imagined that my wedding could be so beautiful and "fairy tale". Choosing Vanessa as our wedding planner was one of the best decisions we could have made! It all started with a video call, since we don't live in Spain, and from the first moment we felt super professional and close. It was like talking to a friend! We told Vanessa how we wanted the place, the decoration, the atmosphere, budget, etc. We are Venezuelans and we live in England, the wedding was in Spain, therefore there was a mixture of cultures and the development of the event where we included Venezuelan things but at the same time we also adapted to Spanish things. We planned everything in the middle of the pandemic... and everything really turned out the way we wanted or even better! Vanessa is detailed, professional, organized, communicative, knows how to listen, solves last-minute problems and gives everything to make her events go as well as possible! We are really super happy with the result and grateful for your work!

    Jessica Garcia-Barrera G Avatar Jessica Garcia-Barrera G
  • Truly world class. She does everything very well. She is organised and is always available to answer all your questions. She did everything exactly like you want it. Highly recommend her for any events.

    Prajwal Moras Avatar Prajwal Moras
  • Felicidades por tan buena organización, todo cuidado al máximo detalle.

    Juan José Jaramillo Avatar Juan José Jaramillo
  • AVEVAMO UN SOGNO…E SI È REALIZZATO!!! Amiamo viaggiare e per il nostro giorno speciale immaginavamo qualcosa che potesse rappresentarci a pieno. Abbiamo scelto di affidarci a Vanessa e non potevamo fare scelta migliore. Ci ha seguiti in ogni minimo dettaglio, ascoltando con attenzione le nostre richieste e proponendo sempre soluzioni personalizzate ed innovative. Ci ha accompagnati con affetto durante l’intero percorso e abbiamo veramente apprezzato tutto l’impegno che ha messo per l’ottima riuscita dell’evento. Il tutto è stato preparato con cura, ogni dettaglio era perfetto…e anche quando il tempo sembrava giocarci un brutto scherzo, Lei ha saputo gestire ottimamente la situazione. È stato veramente un giorno speciale ed è stato così grazie a Vanessa.

    Eleonora Giavardi Avatar Eleonora Giavardi
  • I would 100% recommend Vanessa! She always listened to our wishes and made herself available to help plan our big day. She came up with great ideas and executed everything with professionalism and style! We are so glad we hired Vanessa to help us organise our wedding, it really reduced our stress 😁

    Chelsea Cummings Avatar Chelsea Cummings
  • Después de mucho pensar que queríamos hacer de matrimonio, mi esposo y yo decidimos viajar a España con nuestra familia y casarnos allá. A pesar de que somos todos colombianos y vivimos en Colombia. Nos soñábamos casándonos en un pueblito blanco cerca al mar, en una iglesia pequeña y teniendo una cena muy especial con nuestra familia Y gracias a vane así fue!! La contactamos por internet y desde el principio fue súper ordenada con el presupuesto, las video llamadas par programar todo y con las fechas y la agenda de ese día. Por eso sin conocerla personalmente, nos arriesgamos y decidimos hacer todo con ella. Vane nos ayudo a conseguir la iglesia, los papeles de la iglesia y el consulado, nos ayudo a conseguir los proveedoreres y ese día fue Perfecto gracias a ella! HIZO EXACTAMENTE LO QUE HABÍAMOS DICHO Y ESO ME ENCANTO! QUE SUPO ESUCHAR E INTERPRETAR NUESTRO SUEÑO Y LUEGO PLANEAR TODO PARA QUE SE HICIERA REALIDAD, TAL CUAL SE LO HABIAMOS DESCRITO!.

    Ana Maria Correa Avatar Ana Maria Correa
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