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What are cookies

When you visit a website your computer stores a text file: this text file is called a cookie.
Within this small file there is information that the website will use when you decide to access it again. This service allows you, for example, not to insert username and / or language settings on the same site every time. However you can always disable cookies and below we’ll explain how to do it.

Description of the cookies on this site

  • Technical session cookies
    They are essential for the normal navigation and use of the site, as well as for its correct functioning. They are used to manage the session and access to the reserved functions of the site if present.
  • Functional technical cookies
    They are used to simplify navigation and use of the site and improve its performance and usability. They allow the user to navigate according to a series of selected criteria (for example, the language) in order to improve the service rendered to the same.
  • Technical tracking cookies
    We use them to understand how many users visit our site, which web pages they visit, how long they stay, how they arrive at our sites (for example, through a link from another site or via a search engine) and also to gather information on how users use our site. This information helps us understand which Web features are successful and how the site may need improvement.On the site there are cookies from:

How to remove cookies

We remind you that by deactivating cookies, when you access our online services you will always have to re-enter the required information, because the system will not have saved them.

Depending on the browser you use there are different ways to disable cookies:

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